Life & Art

Life & Art
It lifts my spirits and inspires me seeing these tourists sitting outdoors in a town square like this on a regular day just enjoying these beautiful statues along the halls outside the Uffizi Museum.  In terms of city planning, that's what I call good exterior design.  As an artist it's absolutely breathtaking seeing a place outside like this in Florence where art and life come together.  Call me simple but it personally moves me and touches a deep place in my heart and sure as heck puts a smile on my face.  The world needs much more art outdoors like this...  I'm in love with Florence; it totally has its priorities straight.  Clearly "humanity" is the priority here.  In fact, experiencing life and art here like this in Florence makes me imagine what it must have felt like to be alive living with beautiful statues everywhere in Ancient Greece.  Florence has many great lessons to teach the world.  As you can see from the people enjoying life here, art is very much a way of the every day life of Florence. Just being here is like getting an education on the "the art of living".   Notice how everyone here is just appreciating art and each other instead of looking at their smartphones?  After all, isn't the purpose of art for humanity to appreciate the beauty of life?

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