The Art of Community

"The Art of Community"
As an artist naturally I LOVE to create and design!  For me, creating and designing go hand and hand.  One of my greatest works as an artist was my position as an Arts Director creating and designing "The Art of Community".  I have always been active in using my work in the arts for social causes I've deeply cared about.  In fact, years ago I was even given a building as a blank canvas to create an organization using art to promote peace in Boston.  After doing an assessment of the diverse community I then designed specific art programs to serve the diversity of people from all walks of life living there.  First I started by using my drawing experience as an artist.  It was a small community who lived in buildings.  So I had so much fun designing this logo as the graphic identity representing the organization and the community who would be enriched by my art and education programs and my mission there.  Speaking of communty enrichment, I also created the PEACE Gallery and had frequent exhibitions to inspire the community with the power of art.  Here's a short video I produced during that time promoting "Journey to Africa", one of my many art exhibitions I designed to inspire the diverse community there.  Anyway, enjoy!


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