"An American in Paris" Retrospective

Thank you for all your interest in me and my work.  I am always hearing from collectors, especially European countries, always asking the same old question:  "When are you planning to exhibit here."  First of all, I loved living in Europe and would love having another international exhibition.  Opportunities always present themselves.  Unfortunately, however, an international traveling exhibition is actually a HUGE undertaking for me, not only in terms of time but also in terms of energy.  So a retrospective would have to come from officials from official government channels for me to reconsider.  Not to complain, but organizing an international traveling exhibition also takes everything out of me, especially getting so many paintings on the planes, and having to cut through all the red tape in getting through international customs with a large traveling art collection is overwhelming!

As you can imagine, organizing a large traveling exhibition actually requires the genuine support of a large team of art professionals through official government channels.  Being an "Amerian In Paris" artist, for example, I would love to have a retrospective in Paris and screen my documentary.  However, an exhibition in America is much more realistic for me.  I don't enjoy spending my time on small shows and just haven't found the right venue that is large enough for a retrospective of my life's work.  So, for all you interested art professionals, I'm open to suggestions. Nonetheless, if you would like me to organize an exhibition in your city, please feel free to keep inquiring.  I'm open to it.  You never know...  It's just a matter of timing and being contacted by the right people who have the means to make it happen...  So, again, I thank all of you for all your interest.

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