Happy Mother's Day!

"My Mother's Flowers"

Don't forget your mother today!  If it weren't for her you wouldn't be here.  My mother is obsessed with flowers.  Is it any wonder I am too?   My mother always has her planters filled with flowers all over the ranch.  Life is beautiful!  That's how I learned to view the world... For mother's day my mother loves nothing more than a thoughtful gift that I personally designed or created celebrating my imagination as an artist and designer.  That's why she enjoys starting her day with a cup of inspiration that I personally designed with her morning coffee. As a child, there was always flowers and romantic bolero music playing in our home.  So is it any wonder these influences inspired my works of art?  For me, a woman is like a flower.  Anyway, this oil painting titled "My Mother's Flowers" was inspired for mother's day, which is now hanging in my mother's living room.  So it's only apropos for today's mother's day post.  Have a beautiful mother's day!

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