Shrimp & Broccali

"Shrimp and Broccoli Flower"

Thanks for all your interests.  I'm happy to answer some of your questions.  Lately there's been a lot of interest in learning how to overcome feeling blocked and burn out in our work and in our homelife.  Take it from me, inspiration can come from anywhere.  So this is a friendly reminder to stop being so hard on yourselves and remember the beauty and value of embracing love and play in our lives.  One way is to study children.  For example, have you ever seen children eat spaghetti?  Instead of criticizing them as adults, maybe we should let them teach us about the wisdom in learning to laugh and play.  Watching children always inspires me to have fun being light hearted.  Even while in restaurants with friends I've been finding inspiration from chefs and how childlike they see the world with their creative work in the "culinary arts".  As you can see, after going out for dim sum in Chinatown, today even I had fun being silly with my chopsticks creating my own composition with the leftover shrimp heads and stem of broccoli to create a flower on my plate.  This goes to show you that no matter how many times your mother may have told you to grow up, you're never too old to have fun playing with your food.  That's why the great chefs are childlike. So, just because we are adults it's important to lighten up, laugh, and remember the importance of having a sense of joy and "play" in our lives.  Besides, deep down aren't we all children of God?  So if you get blocked or stuck in your work and life, just spend a day with children. Children are definitely among the greatest artists I've ever known.  For inspiration, children have been among my greatest teachers!  I hope I never forget the importance of the joy I feel as an artist having fun seeing the world through the eyes of a child... :)

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