My Early Years In Paris

"My Early Years In Paris"
I keep being asked why I always create French works of art when I am an American.  The answer is simple.  Paris is an important part of my personal life experience that shaped me and my work as an artist.  As you can see above, clearly my early years running through the streets of Paris with artists and performers forever enriched my life.  Without this valuable life experience I would not be the artist I am today.  My early years as an American in Paris artist never ceases to be an endless source of inspiration in my works of art.  Paris forever lives and breathes inside of me and my creative spirit.  For me, Paris is now a way of life and a great source of joy in my life.  Paris made me the artist I am today. That's why my life and time in Paris is an endless source of inspiration in my work as an American in Paris artist.

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