My Mexican Flower

"My Mexican Flower"

I know most of you already get the idea about the importance of embracing love and play in our lives.  So I'll try to make this the last post of my "culinary arts" series, but I just had to share this latest inspiration from my Mexican flower of avocado and shrimp ceviche cooked in lime juice delivered to me at my table at a Mexican restaurant.  What a composition.  I couldn't help feeling inspired seeing how the chef was playing with his food expressing his love on my plate.  This childlike work of art made me smile and literally filled my heart and belly with "joy".  I feel the love!  The culinary arts only reaffirm that great chefs are artists because they never forget the value of embracing love and play in their work.  I hope sharing this important message with you is as inspirational and meaningful to you as it is to me in my life...

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