Art for Breakfast

"Art for Breakfast"
As I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee from my porch, I noticed these dandelion flowers. Most people choose to see them as bothersome weeds.  Not me!   As an artist and designer, I guess I just have a different perspective on life...   I still love playing with my food.  That's why I was inspired to take a few minutes plucking the dandilion leaves to design an edible work of art  in the form of a salad created from wild greens that I could eat for breakfast.  I just drizzled white basalmic vinegar with some Sicilian lemon vinegrette, extra virgin olive oil, fresh crushed pepper corns, and sea salt.  YUM!!! Not only was it healthy, it was also "delicious".  As you can see, I even added the dandelion flowers for a splash of color on my culinary "art for breakfast" plate.

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