Little Roman in Graphite

"The Little Roman"
I love it when I receive an empty frame as a beautiful gift.  For example, this empty frame gave me an opportunity to use my imagination to do a quick sketch in graphite.  This little Roman was inspired by a beautiful spot that reminded me of ancient Greece and Rome located in a cemetary honoring police officers who gave their lives in the community of one of my homes.  I would always take my dog for walks there and stop to salute them for being so brave and the sacrifice they made as my morning ritual.  It was such a shame that so many of these hero's died so especially young... In a way, I guess I could emotionally relate to them.  Any true artist knows the sacrifice it takes to give our lives without ever being thanked for the contribution we make until after we, too, are gone...  This is not just a self portrait.  Even now as a grown man, the feelings of my inner child filled with so much love and hope for the world never ceases to go away.  At least that's how I often feel inside.  So I thought I would  record my own sentiments in graphite not only to these brave officers and soldiers who protect us but also to all the brave artists through out history, my fellow comrades, who have also sacrificed and have given of their lives to inspire the lives of others.