Bonjour! As you can see from my cup of coffee I am already feeling "creative, connected, and totally inspired."   Having "a cup of inspiration" is how I always start my day...  I'm also listening to my favorite songs from my days in Paris entering my senses of my body like daggers straight into my heart.  What a world!  I plan on starting a new work of art shortly, so I need to keep this post short and especially sweet. Again, thanks for all your interest and support!  In response, I'm also enjoying taking the  time to write an inspirational post for all of you before I do.  For those of you who keep asking for "more and more" photographs,  I decided I would just share today's cup of inspiration from my heart to yours.  So "Bonjour."  Leave your troubles outside, in here life is BEAUTIFUL!  So wherever you are in the world, have a beautiful day!