An American In Paris

Many of you know that I have an affinity for Paris.  I've written many times about this before, but since you are asking me so many questions from around the world about my French-inspired paintings I've decided to just place some of them together for you.  One of the greatest influences in my life was traveling to Paris and visiting great works of art in museums such as The Louvre and The Museé D'Orsay, especially seeing the posters of Toulouse-Lautrec, who inspired me to make art affordable for everyone. I really love French cuisine and being inspired with a cup of coffee while spending time in Paris cafés.  My time in Paris changed my entire perspective on life.  Paris awoke all my senses to the beauty of simple things in everyday life. Every where I went in Paris my senses were fired up by how beautiful a city can be.  When it comes down to it, I was "in love" with life.  It was the kind of love of being ALIVE and "living in the moment".   In fact, becoming “An American in Paris” is what inspired me to become an artist.  One of the great challenges for me as artist is making the same work of art affordable for everyone.  I am not an elitist. I want my works of art to be affordable for everyone, whether you're hanging them on your wall, being inspired with a fresh cup of coffee, or wearing my art on a sunny day. Here is the link to some my French-inspired works of art all together in one place that is affordable for everyone!

"American In Paris" shirt!

Coffee Mug


Little Roman in Graphite

I love it when I receive a frame as a frame because it gives me excuse to have fun using my imagination to do quick sketches like this "Little Roman" in graphite.

The Little Roman


The Night Rider (Oil on Canvas)

I literally just completed this very wet oil on canvas I'm calling: "The Night Rider" which is already in a frame hanging in my "An American In Paris" Gallery (below).

Trust the Process

You guys are always asking me if I ever get "stuck" creatively. Of course I do.  I'm human.  When it happens to me I've learned not to beat myself up over it.  I know that creativity is a process, so I just shift gears.  Instead of creating art I take a walk, buy art supplies, or read a book. At other times, I put on some music and dance.  So if you're feeling stuck, try creative movement.  It does wonders for the human spirit.  Here's an interview with the author of "Trust the Process",  the world's leading authority on the benefits of dance and creative movement.  He's someone I really respect, and I think he describes it best.  


Mi Caballito Lindo (Soft Pastel)


Back by Popular Demand!

Homage to Mexico

Okay, you guys are asking for me to please bring back the inspirational quote of the week.  I totally agree. The world needs inspiration, so here it is:

"Every child is an artist. 
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." 

The Yellow Stallion


Red Stallion Art Poster

Someone from Barcelona, Spain asked me for the "The Red Stallion" art poster, so I just created it.  Sorry about that.  Here's the link:


The Gift of Inspiration

People from around the world are always asking how I got to be so inspired by life.  First of all, thanks for all your feedback!  It's nice to know I'm being inspirational.  Inspiration is who I am and what I stand for, but I am not alone.  I think inspiration is a natural gift to which we all have access.  As children we all use our imagination but many adults have forgotten how to do this.  For me, the gift comes from living in the moment appreciating the beauty of life.  Inspiration can come from just about anything at anytime and anywhere. Remember when you were a kid and were always noticing something beautiful and people thought you were just being silly for being curious and looking at the world with sense of absolute joy, curiosity and wonder? Well, for me, being a creative artist is kind of like being a little kid except that I continue to be curious about life.  So I have to admit that I don't look at life like most adults. There's a price to pay for this though...

Many times people falsely judge me for being crazy because they see me staring at something and using my imagination like a little kid would.  As a creative artist, I can't help it.  Inspiration is a gift.  So if someone gives me a gift why waste it?  But I am usually so excited that I'm being inspired that I don't really care what other people think of me.   I can look at clouds, shapes, patterns in wood or the ceiling, leaves, shadows... just about anything.  When it happens I have learned to listen to the voice of inspiration even when people think I'm crazy for being so curious.   How could I not be?  It's like an angel who always comes to me bearing the gift of inspiration.  As an artist, I see works of art all around me and it's my job to show it to the world.  Besides, I am not the only artist who believed in this:

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." -Michelangelo

Some of you have been asking for specific examples. So I will start posting examples for you.

Recently I was walking my dog and the "Gift of Inspiration" came when I saw this work of art in my own shadow.  So I quickly grabbed my phone to take several pictures to use as my sketch from which to start. When I got home I turned the gift into these graphic works of art entitled "Me and My Shadow" and "Dachshund in Paris".  Hope this was inspirational to you.  Enjoy Life!