Enjoy Life!

I'm having so much fun creating new works of art right now.  Too many to blog about... I'm on a roll.  Inspiration is coming from EVERYWHERE!  As an artist, I'm enjoying the beauty of life, taking time for "self reflection" and just spending time doing what really matters to me, especially feeling inspired, creating art, designing, and just enjoying my life with family and good friends.  So I hope all of you will please take a break from my blog.  For those of you who I am sure will continue contacting me from the across the globe constantly asking for "more, more more" I've gone ahead and posted to a few more posts to hold you over 'til then.  So until I return, all I ask of you is to please make sure to Enjoy Life!  

Join the Movement!

Life is Beautiful!  This is an important message that the world needs now more than ever...  If you agree, I invite you to join me in spreading this message around the globe.  Together we have the power to change the world one person at time.  The world is full of beauty.  Don't believe me?  Then just start by making sure to take time out for yourself celebrating the beauty of life doing what you enjoy and whatever genuinely inspires the love, goodness, and happiness within you.  As an artist, I hope I've inspired you to never let anyone take this valuable perspective on life from you.


The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa Exhibit
Wow! Thank you for all your interest in my work as an artist, my art exhibitions, and my life experience and community work in the arts.  I had no idea I would get such a response.  I'm happy to hear that my work in the arts was inspirational to so many of you.  As you can imagine, I am very prolific as an artist.  In fact, I am constantly creating new paintings.  In fact, I have so many that there's simply too many to keep blogging about. That's one of the reasons I no longer post my new works of art online.  However, since my community art was so popular, I decided to go ahead an post another video.  This video is on my "Mona Lisa" Exhibition.  Enjoy!


The Art of Community

"The Art of Community"
As an artist naturally I LOVE to create and design!  For me, creating and designing go hand and hand.  One of my greatest works as an artist was my position as an Arts Director creating and designing "The Art of Community".  I have always been active in using my work in the arts for social causes I've deeply cared about.  In fact, years ago I was even given a building as a blank canvas to create an organization using art to promote peace in Boston.  After doing an assessment of the diverse community I then designed specific art programs to serve the diversity of people from all walks of life living there.  First I started by using my drawing experience as an artist.  It was a small community who lived in buildings.  So I had so much fun designing this logo as the graphic identity representing the organization and the community who would be enriched by my art and education programs and my mission there.  Speaking of communty enrichment, I also created the PEACE Gallery and had frequent exhibitions to inspire the community with the power of art.  Here's a short video I produced during that time promoting "Journey to Africa", one of my many art exhibitions I designed to inspire the diverse community there.  Anyway, enjoy!




Happy Mother's Day!

"My Mother's Flowers"

Don't forget your mother today!  If it weren't for her you wouldn't be here.  My mother is obsessed with flowers.  Is it any wonder I am too?   My mother always has her planters filled with flowers all over the ranch.  Life is beautiful!  That's how I learned to view the world... For mother's day my mother loves nothing more than a thoughtful gift that I personally designed or created celebrating my imagination as an artist and designer.  That's why she enjoys starting her day with a cup of inspiration that I personally designed with her morning coffee. As a child, there was always flowers and romantic bolero music playing in our home.  So is it any wonder these influences inspired my works of art?  For me, a woman is like a flower.  Anyway, this oil painting titled "My Mother's Flowers" was inspired for mother's day, which is now hanging in my mother's living room.  So it's only apropos for today's mother's day post.  Have a beautiful mother's day!


Barefoot in France

"Barefoot in The South of France"
As I enjoy my morning cup of coffee in my studio, I was looking through some photographs such as this one where I was just relaxing barefoot drawing in my sketchbook on a balcony in the south of France.  My face was completely sunburned, so I was wearing my cowboy hat that was given to me on my birthday because the climate was so hot there.  I was there for a music festival and will never forget how beautiful and lively it was.  I feel like I've lived a thousand years.  With art, however, fortunately I still feel like a child inside...  What a gift!  Speaking of gifts, today's cup of inspiration must have just kicked in because I'm now feeling inspired to have fun creating a series of new works of art inspired during that time in Paris and France.