Dachshund Rescued from the Shelter

"Dachshund Rescued from the Shelter"
Oil on Canvas
 This the 2nd in a series of oil paintings of Oliver, the dachshund I rescued from the shelter.  I hope the title of this painting brings awareness to sheltered animals in need of loving families.


Dachshund from the Shelter

Oil on Canvas
This is the first in a series of oil paintings I'm doing of Oliver, a dacshund I adopted from the shelter.  Oliver is always making me laugh.  He does the funniest things.  He's so animated that he actually reminds of a cartoon character.  So I had fun doing funny oil painting of him.  I want people to look at this oil painting and smile and think "I want a dachshund!".  I think this oil painting captures Oliver's animated cartoon-like personality.  I hope my title: "Dachshund from the Shelter" brings awareness to these wonderful animals in need of loving families.

London calling!

Some time ago, I was offered an exhibition in London, but honestly there's already so much going on in my life .  Even though it would be exciting to be back in London, I've been there done that... "Home is where the heart is".  For me, there's nothing more exciting than being at home enjoying my life. Besides, there are so many much more talented artists in the world who I prefer get all the attention.  Me, I prefer to stay home and use my life and my images to help "regular folks" FIND HAPPINESS in their every day lives.  I've already done the "international thing"... Fame is not for me.  Nonetheless, if you're interested in my London Art Poster, just click here.

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Now that my gesso is dry I can start painting a series of several paintings dedicated to Oliver, the dachshund I adopted from the shelter.  This is still only the 2nd layer of paint in my "Work--in-Progress" but people have been asking me about my process and to show them my paintings before they are complete, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it.  Isn't it a hoot!  I love how "comical" it is.  It really captures Oliver's funny personality of being an adopted dachshund from a shelter to now living like a little prince in a mansion.  He's so "adorable".  So I wanted to capture the humor of that in this cartoon-like oil painting.


Adopt A Dachshund!

Oliver the "Adopt a Dachshund" spokesperson!

Time to create more art.  Last night I was applying gesso on five canvases I'm working on.  So today I took "Oliver", the dachshund I adopted from the shelter, shopping with me for more art supplies.  Isn't he adorable?  Adopting a dachshund has changed my life!!  I wish more people would adopt dachshunds.  So I hope his picture also inspires you to consider adopting a dachshund or at least helping us bring awareness to animals in need of being adopted.  An image can change the world!  So thank all of you who have already joined my "Adopt a Dachshund" campaign!  I really appreciate it!!!  On behalf of Oliver and me, thank you so much for helping us bring awareness to wonderful animals in need of loving families.

Oliver is a miniature dachshund, but like any small dog he has a bit of a "Napoleon Complex".  He loves to be the pack leader.  He's a very independent thinker, so I designed this comical Graphic Art Design for myself to wear while I am walking him.  Anyone who owns a dachshund knows all-too-well why I called this Graphic Art design: "Napoleon Complex".  I had fun designing it and it makes me laugh.  I hope it makes you laugh too.  I also made one available for anyone who can relate to a small dog who thinks he's "King" of the household.   During breaks from all my work and creative projects I really love having fun with Graphic Design.  Based on your feedback, I went ahead and made several versions to choose from:  "Napoleon Complex, Dachshund Lover, or Dog Lover".  My designs come in your choice of many styles and colors for both men and women.


Failure in Frame

Thank you!

Thanks for all your feedback!  Some of you are much, MUCH too kind.  Thanks for asking me not to touch the painting and offering to buy it "as is".  I appreciate the comparison to Bonnard, but believe me that's not what I intended.  My purpose is not to sell what I consider my "failed paintings" but to paint what I intend.  I actually posted my "failed" painting because I want to inspire others to know that failure is part of "growing" and "learning" from our mistakes... I didn't mean to start a debate, but I do appreciate all the interest and support!  Here's what I WILL do. I will continue to work on this painting, and when I'm done "experimenting" with it, perhaps I will consider selling it then.  Thanks again!

In the meantime, I thought I would go ahead and share the comparison.


Failed Painting

Today I TOTALLY failed royally at making an oil painting.  The sketch came out great.  I drew it in graphite and then I gessoed my canvas.  When the gesso dried I sanded it down and drew it again, but when I started painting somehow the painting totally got out of control.  I got interupted several times through out the day.  I was so upset I ended up completely destroying it.  It's painted with my PURE EMOTION! Some days you win.  Some days you lose.  Today I lost.  Tomorrow will be another day...  It's not the end of the world.  It's okay, Tomorrow I am going to completely destroy this painting during my next painting session.  There's so much paint, I'm sure it will make a great background the next time I paint.   I am posting it because I hope that it is inspirational to others to know that failure is an important part of life.   The key is to get back up again.  So don't ever quit!


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