Life is Beautiful!

"Life is Beautiful"
Life is full of hidden treasures.  No matter what country you live in, beauty is all around you.  If you don't believe me, look at an elderly grandparent holding a child in her arms.  It's all in what we choose to focus on.  Speaking of youth, every year I find these blue robin eggs in the tree in my porch.  What a gift.  I'll say it again. Here's my message as an artist. It's simple but very meaningful:  "Life is Beautiful!"  If you agree, help me spread this important message around the world!


Join the Movement!

Life is Beautiful!  This is an important message that the world needs now more than ever...  If you agree, I invite you to join me in spreading this important message around the globe.  Together we have the power to change the world one person at time.  The world is full of beauty.  Don't believe me?  Then just start by making sure to take time out for yourself celebrating the beauty of life doing whatever genuinely inspires the love, goodness, and happiness deep within you.  So I hope I've inspired you to never let anything take away this valuable perspective on life.

Boston Pops

From the Boston Pops

Bon Apetit America!

New England Style

Afternoon Butter & Wine New England Style


Four For The 4th!

Four For The Fourth!
In honor of the Fourth of July celebration, I am going ahead and posting these four oil paintings.  Have a happy 4th!

Dog on the 4th of July

Dog on the 4th of July
This work was inspired by my dog during the "fireworks" celebration on the 4th of July.
Have a happy 4th!


Garden of Life


Culinary Arts
I know I haven't posted any more posts in my "culinary art" series.  So I'm adding this one today.  I love clipping the fresh herbs from my vegetable and herb garden to make little appetizers for my closest friends.  As you can see, this appetizer includes New England shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic, basel, lemon juice, drizzled extra virgin olive oil, garden parsley and especially freshly imorted Romano cheese.  Yum!  

Living Life

Living Life
Rather than explain why I'm not blogging these days.  No offense, but I have other priorities that are now much more important to me.  Simply put, as an artist I've earned my right to enjoy life.  Life is beautiful!  As I get older, I am working even harder than ever practicing what I preach of living in the moment.  So right now I am now savouring the taste of the fresh berries I just picked in my garden.  Nonetheless, I am including this image as I was starting one of my morning rituals of picking berries in hopes I've inspired you to enjoy the precious moments our your own lives too.  So until I return, this is a friendly reminder that I hope you all take a wonderful long break from my blog to have a beautiful summer. Enjoy!


Enjoy Life!

I'm having so much fun creating new works of art right now.  Too many to blog about... I'm on a roll.  Inspiration is coming from EVERYWHERE!  As an artist, I'm enjoying the beauty of life, taking time for "self reflection" and just spending time doing what really matters to me, especially feeling inspired, creating art, designing, and just enjoying my life with family and good friends.  So I hope all of you will please take a break from my blog.  For those of you who I am sure will continue contacting me from the across the globe constantly asking for "more, more more" I've gone ahead and posted to a few more posts to hold you over 'til then.  So until I return, all I ask of you is to please make sure to Enjoy Life!