The Importance of Rituals

 "The Dance of Life"
Oil On Canvas
Thank God every artist is different.  To feel inspired rituals are extremely important to me.  As a creative artist, one of my creative rituals to heighten my senses, for example, is to start my day with an intimate cup of coffee while seeing work of art I've created from inspiration.  Even Michelangelo use to say that his works of art were already in the stone and the artist only had to discover it.  Interesting because I thought everyone saw the world like I do and discovered for myself to be true.  I am not just an artist, however. I am also a "designer".  So, personally, I like seeing my works of art that I've personally designed in ceramic before creating new works of art in other mediums.  So, for me, taking a minute for myself to enjoy seeing art I personally designed on ceramic with a cup of coffee is my private moment of meditation.  This ritual heightens my senses. After starting my day seeing my work of art in ceramic, suddenly I always feel inspired and also begin seeing works of art everywhere, even in materials like stone that Michelenangelo described.  To me, seeing art everywhere through out my day is a gift from God. With this work of art entitled "The Dance of Life" above, for example, all I had to do was accept the gift. After seeing my work that I personally designed on the ceramic of my cup of inspiration that I personally designed, this image of "The Dance of Life" first appeared to me in stone, just like Michelangelo also discovered to be true in his own life.  I was first inspired by these nude dancers I discovered dancing on the surface my stone floor in my home.  My work as an artist was to bring out the image of these dancers I saw in the marbling of the stone tile that was already created for me.  It was fascinating discovering these nude dancers dancing on my floor of my own home.  So I first made a sketch of the dancers directly on the stone tile with graphite to release the nude dancers out of the stone and bring them out into the realm of my own art.  For me, this creative process is as natural as picking an apple from a tree.  Here is the photograph of the original sketch on the stone tile.  "The Dance of Life" is a metaphor for the way I see the world.  For me, discovering art everywhere is truly a gift!  To me the world is much,  much more fascinating than I can begin to describe in this post...   Nonetheless, that's why this is one of my morning rituals that is extremely important to me.  As an artist, that's why I always say: "Leave your troubles outside because in here, "Life is Beautiful!" -ZERMENO

Where I first discovered "The Dance of Life" in the stone.

Here's also an excerpt describing "The Dance of Life" from one of my favorite authors, Jackie Dirchner, who is not only a great writer but also a great friend:

"That's crazy different than your Renaissance piece. How fun! See? This proves you have your own style. You don't have to be the next Michaelangelo or Van Gogh or anyone else but you. I always see similar brush strokes in your work: the curly cue hair (This one has just a hint on the female dancer on the left-hand side, but it's there), the long, gangly arms (They could mean anything. To me, they mean, "Ready for the embrace."), the deep vibrant colors (That's passion). There's probably more, but that's what stands out to me and lets me know, "This is a Zermeno!" This is just my interpretation, of course. The great thing about art is that all those who view it get to come to the work with their own perspective and apply that to what they see. It doesn't have to mean any one thing. It can mean anything to many, which is why I think artists need not concern themselves with what others might think. We can't control that. Ultimately, it's doesn't matter, as you've come to realize. What matters is that we get to do our work, that we free ourselves to do the work we were meant to do. That's brave. Because the work is so subjective, that's so very brave.

To me, your style can be weird and crazy and fun and lively and passionate and introspective -- all those things and more. Your "voice," with all of your thoughts and emotions, are hidden inside the image, speaking from the paint. Only you really know what it says. You could never express it all to anyone. It's just impossible to a person to be able to share the thousands of thoughts that might go into the work. But that's why I think your work is fascinating, and I really like the burlesque-influence. Even if you don't mean to, it shows up on the canvas. "

Life is a Gift!
As an artist, to me, life is a gift!  That's why I was inspired to create a "giftshop" at ZermenoGallery where I could share what I've personally created with my own imagination to inspire others too.  In fact, one of my goals as an artist and designer is to use my works of art to "inspire the world", even if in my own small way.  So no matter where you around the globe, that's why I make sure my works of art are accessible for everyone!  I want everyone to enjoy starting the day feeling inspired just like I do.  My "cups of inspiration" were created with this in mind for you to enjoy taking intimate moments for yourself seeing my work on ceramic with a cup of coffee in the privacy of your own home.  During my own intimate moments, personally I just add coffee.  But, naturally, you can also add tea, or the beverage of your own preference.  I can't make it any easier than that.  Each cup of inspiration is guaranteed to inspire.  For me, nothing compares to feeling inspired!  But I suppose it also has to do with what you personally bring to each cup of inspiration.  Nonetheless, you'll just have to try to experience it for yourself.   If, however, you are still not fully satisfied, my personal giftshop through Zazzle also guarantees to provide you with a full refund, minus any shipping of course.  So I hope you will start your day feeling inspired with art just like I do.  I've also created many works of art and designs from which to choose.  If you have any special request, just let me know; I am always willing to create new designs.  Just choose from the "Cups of Inspiration" available right now as my personal "gifts for inspiration" for you to enjoy in your own daily life from my artist gallery giftshop.