Abstraction #1

I have been having fun painting this expressive abstract oil painting.  It literally was like taking a bath in oil.  It's nighttime here, but I took a quick photograph with my phone.  Obviously, the painting is still very wet, but I thought "what the heck, I'll go ahead and post it anyway because so much joy went into making it".  I'll photograph it again tomorrow in good proper lighting.

Trust the Process

You guys are always asking me how I overcome becoming "stuck" creatively.  When it happens to me I've learned not to beat myself up over it.  I know that creativity is a process, so I just shift gears.  Instead of creating art I take a walk, buy art supplies, or read a book. At other times, I put on some music and dance.  So if you're feeling stuck, try creative movement.  It does wonders for the human spirit.  Here's an interview with the author of "Trust the Process",  the world's leading authority on the benefits of dance and creative movement.  He's someone I really respect, and I think he describes it best.  



Parisian Painting

I was just asked about this Parisian painting hanging in my "An American in Paris" Gallery, so here's the link where you can also get your:

Thank you John in Florida!

Between creating new works of art and designing,  I know I can't always respond to all of you individually, but periodically I do try to stop what I'm doing to personally thank some of my new and most loyal art lovers from America and around the globe.  So I'm sending a shout out to John from Florida who just purchased this French "Le Bon Cabaret" tie from the ZermenoGallery giftshop.   Thank you, John!  I appreciate your support.


Gallery Giftshop!

Thanks for all your interest.   Rather than posting individual links, here's where you can shop directly inside the ZermenoGallery Giftshop!

You asked for it!

You asked for it!  Your own Nude Goddess to wrap your hands around.  So here she is!  Some of you have been coming up with great ideas for designs.  This Nude work of art in graphite of "The Goddess Venus Disarming Cupid" from ZermenoGallery has just been designed with a wrap around design to meet your needs.  If you want yours customized, just keep asking.


Cirque Mère Et Enfant

This oil painting entitled: "Cirque Mère Et Enfant" is one of the works of art in my 
An American in Paris collection.  Here's the direct link where can get yours:

The Night Rider (Oil on Canvas)

I literally just completed this very wet oil on canvas I'm calling: "The Night Rider" which is already in a frame hanging in my "An American In Paris" Gallery (below).

New England Horses

Now that spring is officially here I am so excited to once again be enjoying seeing horses here where I live in New England. So I thought I'd repost "New England Horses".  This oil painting is now in a private collection, but here's where you can get your:

Femme Fauve on Red Background

"Femme Fauve"
Thanks for your feedback!  During free time I will be making new art products based on your suggestions.  Here is my "Femme Fauve" oil painting without the gold frame on a red background.  Get yours here:
 Art Poster
Wearable Art
Coffee Mug

Got Fruit?

 Shop for Fruit!

"The Farm Boy"


"Plein Air" Painting

I went outside and did some "Plein Air" painting.
Starting the painting

"Life is Beautiful" so I wanted to create a painting that glorified the beauty of nature.  I put the canvas of "My Three Trees" in a frame to see how it would look in advance.  Seeing it outside helps me gage how the painting looks in natural light.  

Closer View