Value yourself!

I know some people think who in the hell does this Zermeno think he is creating his own museum?  I don’t care.  I don't need their approval...  Don't get me wrong.  I know I'm not exactly the most talented artist in the world.  That’s not my purpose.  My purpose is to INSPIRE people!!!!  So when it comes to the criticism this only motivates me.  Why?  Because there are SO MANY people in the world, not just artists, who spend their lives not being appreciated.  Thinking about this really motivates me.   Yes, I make mistakes just like everyone else, but at least I am doing my best to be an inspiration to others.

During my free time, I’ve been studying art history.  Right now I’m studying the life of Vincent Van Gogh.  It’s so sad but can you imagine how many multi-millions museums and the commercial world have been profiting from selling reproductions of his work?  You can't even walk into a store, museum, cafe, or bookstore, without  seeing his life's work.  Poor Van Gogh he spent his life literally "starving" and never even profited from any of his hard work.  And yes, believe it or not being an artist is very hard and "legitimate work".  So it really bothers me how our culture takes advantage of artists.  Do you know that people never valued Van Gogh's work during his lifetime? Is it any wonder why he went mad and cut off his ear?   Ever notice how museums are responsible for giving the world the impression that the most valuable artist is a DEAD one!   Well, I am out to change all that!

My museum will show people that you don’t have to be dead or wait for someone to “approve” and “discover” you.  As an artist my message is this: the best person to discover you is YOU!  You can step into your own power and DISCOVER YOURSELF right now while you are "Happy" “Awake” and “Alive”!!!.  I guess there’s a part of me that is a psychologist using my image as an artist to INSPIRE people to “love" and “value” themselves.

Right now the Zermeno Museum has just begun the year-long renovation process, but in the meantime here's a small glimpse into my private home and museum.  I hope it inspires all of you in the world who can relate to what I’m talking about...  Eventually I plan to host art and creativity workshops teaching people how to step into our power.  I want my private home and museum to be a sanctuary for art and inspiration.  In the meantime, don't forget to LOVE and VALUE YOURSELF!

Glimpse into ZERMENO MUSEUM with "Bolero Girl"

If you'd like your own high quality reproduction of Bolero Girl, click here.
Bolero Girl


Napoleon Complex

During breaks from all my work and creative projects I really love having fun with Graphic Design.  My dog Oliver is a miniature dachshund, but like any small dog he has a bit of a "Napoleon Complex".  He loves to be in charge as the pack leader.  He's a very independent thinker, so I designed this comical Graphic Art Design for myself to wear while I am walking him.  Anyone who owns a dachshund knows all-too-well why I called this Graphic Art design: "Napoleon Complex".  I had fun designing it and it makes me laugh.  I hope it makes you laugh too.    I also made one available for anyone who can relate to a small dog who thinks he's "King" of the household.  Based on your feedback, I went ahead and  made several versions to choose from:  "Napoleon Complex, Dachshund Lover, or Dog Lover".

Tshirts come in your choice of many colors.


Bring Awareness!

"Oliver" is a little dachshund I adopted from the animal shelter.  He's so adorable, so I turned him into a Graphic Art logo to bring awareness to dachshunds in need of being adopted into loving families.  Please help me to bring awareness to the cause of helping animals in need of being adopted.  

I am creating several versions.  For example, Oliver is a brown short-haired dachsund with cute little black feet, so  this version has a BROWN Dachsund and little black feet.  


Zermeno Museum

My God,  I've been getting so many questions about my background in art, graphic and interior design.  It's such a small world after all... I thought I had to answer these questions once and for all.  First of all, as you know I am an artist.  In fact, my background as a successful artist eventually lead to my becoming an Executive Director of the Arts.  I created an organization with art programs to inspire others.  But I have never been one to sit still.  So when my organization could stand on its own, I handed it over so I could spend more time creating art, working on creative projects, enjoying life, and inspiring the entire world to see that "Life is Beautiful!".

My Planter

Owning several large homes comes with a lot of responsibility, so I just sold one of my homes and recently purchased a large Italianate mansion on an estate owned by a former New England Governor.  The grounds of my estate are filled with trees, flower gardens, a gazebo, and surrounded with horses.

My Gazebo: Where I like to paint outdoors

As a member of Historic New England I am inspired by how so many New Englanders converted their mansions into museums.   Likewise, my mansion is now home of the Zermeno Museum to house my "An American in Paris" collection, my art studio, and Zermeno galleries.

"American in Paris" Gallery

I strongly believe in the power of artists to inspire the world.  As an artist, my mission is to inspire the world with art, love, and self expression.  Eventually, I'd also like to invite others to use my home and museum for creativity workshops and inspire them to use their imagination, and as a sanctuary and place of inspiration.

My Flower Garden

So for the next year the Zermeno Museum will be "under construction".  I am also working on many other creative projects, so I'm sorry I cannot answer all your questions individually, but I  hope this answers most of them.  In the meantime,  I hope my image as an artist enjoying life has also inspired you to see that "Life is Beautiful!".  For me personally, "Life is Beautiful" whenever I am being present, enjoying the beauty of life, and having fun "living in the moment".  I invite you to join my global art movement to spread this message around the globe.  Join the growing movement of people spreading this message.  Together we can send this important message for the world: "Life is Beautiful!".  So I hope you'll join us!


Leasing Zermenos

Regarding my "Romantic and Realist" post, I own the copyrights to all of my images.  But I am now being asked about reproductions and leasing Zermeno images. So I went ahead and posted how they can be used for commercial products for book covers and other commercial products.  Below are some examples of wine labels, including "Romantic and Realist".  


Realist: Then and Now

"Realist Portrait" in new Frame 

Thanks for all your interest.  It's a small world after all...   Anyway, I have been super busy with life and creative projects.  I will write more about that later. I've also been having a lot of conversations about the difference my classical training with "realist" painting will have on my creative style of art.  First of all, classical training only helps me expand my craft and artistic range of experience.  Honestly, it's very humbling for me to see how many gifted artists there are in the world.   And why people are interested in my framing and how it looks in the interior design of my rooms is perplexing to me.  I just had the realist portrait professionally framed so I went ahead and took a picture for all of you who are so interested in interior design.  Sorry, but I just took this photo with my phone.  

Speaking of different styles of art, first of all, I'm not a realist, nor am I trying to be.  But I do respect this style of art because I love to learn and there's so much to learn from classically-trained artists.  The realist style of art is by far the most challenging for me personally because I consider myself a "creative movement expressionist" and paint from my imagination.  So I never know what will come out of me.   It's like dancing "freestyle" to music and letting the movements be part of the creative dance.  In fact, usually when I want to paint something, I end up destroying what I intended in the creative process, but the color and texture ends up being part of the completed work of art. So I am absolutely fascinated by portrait artists with classical training, particularly the French and Italian academies because they do so much "planning" and are able to paint exactly what they want in advance.  I wish I could do that! That's not how I work.  I'm too creative, so that's just not me.

For me the image reveals itself as I'm painting.  But in terms of the difference it has had on me as an artist, I thought I would post "Romantic and Realist" in my regular "expressionist" style of painting and let you see for yourself between my "Realist" painting "then and now".  And no, sorry I no longer have this painting.  The original is in a private collection, but I do still own the image rights. Anyway, I want to get back to enjoying life but I do hope you found this topic interesting.  In the meantime, don't forget to enjoy life and remember that "Life is  Beautiful".

"Romantic & Realist" 
(Oil on Canvas)


beauty of nature

Hope this view of the beauty of nature inspires you as much as it does me.  I purposely did not post where it is because that's not the point....  Every country in the world has its own natural beauty to appreciate.

Why not?

Here's my personal quote and one for the week:

"Imagine if we chose to focus on peace, love, and what was good and beautiful within ourselves. Life can be beautiful if we each start living from the love in our own heart.  If we all did that there would be no war.   The entire world would then be a beautiful place to live."