Seasons Greetings!

Seasons Greetings!

American in Paris Collection

Thanks for you interest in my work.  I'm trying my best to stay focused on creating more works of art.  There's no time like the present for inspiration...  Some of you are asking similar questions.  For those of you requesting to see more of my "American in Paris" collection, I thought I'd go ahead and kick off the new year by reposting some images from the collection for you who keep expressing interest. Every day is a blessing and an opportunity for rejoice and renewal.  My work is to inspire all of you who have expressed such great kindness and support from around the globe.   Beauty is everywhere! So no matter what country you're in, I do hope I'm inspiring you to "take time out for yourself" to appreciate the beauty of life, around you and more importantly "within" you.


Nude for Adults Only Please!

I am busy as ever working in many mediums, oil paintings, drawings, pastels, sketches, mixed media, writing, designing, etc...  Most artists must work and do studies in many mediums and themes, including nudity and the human figure.  Nudity is a rite of passage for artists.  Just walk into any museum, fine arts academy, art class and you will see others doing the same...  So, to me, nudity and the natural beauty of human form and figure is something to "celebrate"!  However, some of you have complained that you can't find some of my works online, especially my nudes. One of the consequences of being prolific is that I no longer list all my new works online.

In fact, one of my resolutions for 2017 is to honor the advice of my closest friends by spending less time blogging and more time staying "connected" to the divine sources of my creativity.  So that is why I plan to limit my time here this year.  However, sometimes that's easier said than done because I still do love hearing how I've personally inspired you.  "Life is beautiful" when it is filled with inspiration. That's the main reason I enjoy sharing my image and the sweet inspirational moments of my life as The "American in Paris" artist.  What can I say? The city of Paris is always living and breathing inside me.  The spirit of my life and times there is always within me, heart, mind, and soul...  In fact, as I was sketching, I wrapped my hands around this nude image of a sensuous Parisian-inspired goddess of love: "Venus Disarming Cupid".  I felt like a innocent child full of playful energy who is having so much fun that he can never go to sleep...  My fingers were completely soaked in charcoal as we came into the early morning and blissful hours of 2017.

For inspiration, I love wrapping my hands around this nude goddess as my daily ritual.  I just add coffee.  To find this nude goddess in my giftshop, please be advised that you must set your Zazzle filter as 18 or older for "nude works" deemed appropriate by Zazzle for adults only.  As an artist, I designed these works of art to enjoy as a cup of inspiration in the intimacy of your own environment.  So choose whatever work of art speaks to you...  Each cup of inspiration never fails to inspire me.  So I invite you to experience a cup of inspiration for yourself.  Just add coffee!