Town Square

Town Square

I also tasted one of the best gelato's of my entire life in the town square.  There's a million flavors from which to choose.  Personally, I like tasting the contrast from tart and sweet.  So my personal favorites were the fresh lemon and rasberry for tartness and coconut and pistachio for sweetness.  Honestly, there's no point of counting calories in Italy.  So I just make sure to enjoy take a walk through the ancient towns afterwards, only stopping to enjoy buy something from the giftshops.


Looking out

Local Specialty

"Wild Boar"

In Italy I love trying the fresh local dishes of each town.  If you come to San Gimignano, I highly recommend trying the pesto pasta with the local speciialty:  "Wild Boar".  It's beyond devine..


Mozarella Salad

San Gimignano

San Gimignano

I love San Gimignano.  The food inside inside these walls is "delicious!!!"   Although, I've been indulging in so much fine wine, cheese, bread, and pasta and music that I feel like I could even sing Opera because I look like an American "Luciano Pavorotti".    All kidding aside, it's really very difficult to find bad wine and food in Italy, at least I the way I travel...  :) 


Full of Life

Full of Life
I love studying fountains like this one because they are absolutely uplifting and breath so much "life" for visitors like me who truly appreciate and are committed to art and beauty in the world.  I just can't wait to start designing fountains on the grounds of my own personal spaces.

Fountain Closeup

Pisa Fountain

I also loved seeing that this fountain was also given its own "space" as I finally strolled the perimeters out of the grounds of the leaning tower before finally entering into the giftshops and stopping for a great meal in one of the restaurants surrounding this beautiful town square.  Pisa is a lively town at night, so I was fortunate to find a quick moment to snap this photo unencumbered by any tourists.

Leaning Tower & Cathedral

In our modern age there is so much noise and clutter.  In fact, having traveled to many sites, so many times when I am visiting great architectural buildings and monuments I seldom get the impact of fully appreciating the beauty and "wow! factor" that comes from truly appreciating a monument in its own right like I did in the town of Pisa.  What's so great about the leaning Tower, cathedral, and other monuments is that that the town of Pisa still gives them plenty of "quiet space" to each be appreciated on their own merits. Clearly the town of Pisa had the common sense to preserve it that way because they kept the entire grounds of this beautiful and important site completely open for visitors like me to be spiritually uplifted not only by the beauty of the leaning tower of Pisa, but also by the cathedrals and other monuments as a sacred space.  I also really loved appreciating the contrast between the very short cut lawn without any obstructions that absolutely enhanced my experience of this beautiful site.   In fact, I greatly enjoyed at least a couple of hours just walking looking up in awe on the entire grounds and being inspired before finally visiting the shops and restaurants surrounding the complex in the town in what I consider one of the world's most beautiful sites.


The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

In my opinion, Pisa is by far one of the most underrated towns I've visited in all of Italy.  Fortunately, I arrived in Pisa at night with the Leaning Tower full of lights.  For me, experiencing the tower at night was like something straight out of a epic cinematic and iconic film telling the story of a civilization that will never be forgotten.  Experiencing the tower at night was absolutely "breathtaking"!!!  Talk about the power of art and architecture to inspire the imagination....  Visiting the Tower of Pisa was such a profound experience that it literally brought tears to my eyes as I approached the tower and felt deeply connected with the inner soul of my humanity.  Emotionally, I just continued to walk the grounds and admired the intricate beauty of what I will always consider to be one of the world's most beautiful buildings.  The people of Pisa were also so lively, welcoming, and friendly that they taught me the importance of sacred inner beauty and simplicity.  Needless to say, I highly, highly recommend visiting the town of Pisa with this remarkable monument that I consider one of my personal favorites in all of Italy and the world.