A Time of Mourning

I am so shocked and devastated by the recent terror attacks in Paris.  Paris, you have inspired me and my life not only as an artist but also as a human being.  Naturally, my art has been influenced  by Paris and I have devoted my life to creating art in the spirit of my time in France.  So this is very personally painful.  I have no words and no image to describe my anger and emotions.   France I feel your pain.  This vicious attack is not only an attack against Paris and the country of France that I love so much.  This is also an attack against all of humanity!!! History will mark this day. I send my love and condolences for the victims of violence and their families and to the people of France.  Our hearts are with you.  May the world be inspired by "art" (not violence).  Today the entire world is French.  Out of respect, I am taking down all my images to honor President Hollande's call for this to be a time of mouning.