My Mexican Flower

"My Mexican Flower"

I know most of you already get the idea in my friendly reminder about the importance of embracing love and play in our lives.  So I'll try to make this the last post of my "culinary arts" series, but I just had to share this latest inspiration from my Mexican flower of avocado and shrimp ceviche cooked in lime juice delivered to me at my table at a Mexican restaurant.  What a composition.  I couldn't help feeling inspired seeing how the chef was playing with his food expressing his love on my plate.  This childlike work of art made me smile and literally filled my heart and belly with "joy".  I feel the love!  The culinary arts only reaffirm that great chefs are artists because they never forget the value of embracing love and play in their work.  I hope sharing this important message with you is as inspirational and meaningful to you as it is to me in my life...


Shrimp & Broccali

"Shrimp and Broccoli Flower"

Thanks for all your interests.  I'm happy to answer some of your questions.  Lately there's been a lot of interest in learning how to overcome feeling blocked and burn out in our work and in our homelife.  Take it from me, inspiration can come from anywhere.  So this is a friendly reminder to stop being so hard on yourselves and remember the beauty and value of embracing love and play in our lives.  One way is to study children.  For example, have you ever seen children eat spaghetti?  Instead of criticizing them as adults, maybe we should let them teach us about the wisdom in learning to laugh and play.  Watching children always inspires me to have fun being light hearted.  Even while in restaurants with friends I've been finding inspiration from chefs and how childlike they see the world with their creative work in the "culinary arts".  As you can see, after going out for dim sum in Chinatown, today even I had fun being silly with my chopsticks creating my own composition with the leftover shrimp heads and stem of broccoli to create a flower on my plate.  This goes to show you that no matter how many times your mother may have told you to grow up, you're never too old to have fun playing with your food.  That's why the great chefs are childlike. So, just because we are adults it's important to lighten up, laugh, and remember the importance of having a sense of joy and "play" in our lives.  Besides, deep down aren't we all children of God?  So if you get blocked or stuck in your work and life, just spend a day with children. Children are definitely among the greatest artists I've ever known.  For inspiration, children have been among my greatest teachers!  I hope I never forget the importance of the joy I feel as an artist having fun seeing the world through the eyes of a child... :)


Je Suis Paris

"Je Suis Paris"

I'm so happy that spring is finally here!  I love starting the day inspired with a nice cup of coffee.  As you can see, the inspiration of the day is the "farmboy".  So it's a great time to do some outdoor plein air painting in the tradition of artists who love being out in the country as much as I do.  I love looking at the blossoming colors of spring and using my imagination to paint from my life experience.  So I've been going through my art studio looking for uncompleted works to complete, such as this self portrait inspired from my early life in Paris.  By the way, if you'd like to join me in starting your day feeling inspired by art with today's cup of inspiration,  here is the link for the "farmboy". 


My Early Years In Paris

"My Early Years In Paris"
I keep being asked why I always create French works of art when I am an American.  The answer is simple.  Paris is an important part of my personal life experience that shaped me and my work as an artist.  As you can see above, clearly my early years running through the streets of Paris with artists and performers forever enriched my life.  Without this valuable life experience I would not be the artist I am today.  My early years as an American in Paris artist never ceases to be an endless source of inspiration in my works of art.  Paris forever lives and breathes inside of me and my creative spirit.  For me, Paris is now a way of life and a great source of joy in my life.  Paris made me the artist I am today. That's why my life and time in Paris is an endless source of inspiration in my work as an American in Paris artist.

Les Hommes Du Cirque


Edible Art

"Edible Art"

Wow!  You have to give it to the Japanese.  As far as I'm concerned, Japanese chefs are phenomenal artists in my heart and mind.  Their culinary creations are works of art.  Their artistry puts me to shame... Not only is Japanese cuisine beautiful, these edible compositions are also DELICIOUS and definitely among my favorite!  Like most people, I struggle with my weight going up and down...  But today I treated a friend for lunch and we went whole hog on my diet cheat day.  As you can see, not only did I enjoy feasting my eyes, I literally felt all my senses filled with inspiration from devouring these edible works of art created by these truly talented Japanese artists.  Now I know why it's called "culinary arts"...  :)


Here's a "hint"...

Look inside for a "hint" of what's coming...

"Never underestimate the power of artists to inspire the world" - Zermeno


Never Surrender!!

My heart goes out to London and all the families of those affected by the recent attack on this great city.  In solidarity with London, here's a picture from my younger years when I was so impressed by the spirit of the British people and the great city of London.  We shall overcome a world of violence and hate.
"Never Surrender!" - Winston Churchill