On Finding Happiness

My journey as an artist has been a long one.  It has been filled with many peaks and valleys.  For me the first peak was when I had a mentor who used to own a junk shop called the King of Records.  I will always be grateful to him because he's the one who first allowed me to discover that I was an artist.  He gave me my first set of expensive French oil pastels that  he found in the trash while looking for merchandise for his junk shop.  During the day everyone would come to his shop, including jazz musicians and artists, but at night he would turn the junkshop into Cabaret.  So we would all dance and perform making each other laugh in his junkshop Cabaret.

King Of Records 

After graduating from Harvard, It was a great time in my life.  But I suddenly became very unhappy because I was working at a law firm in Boston and found myself bored out of my skull.  So after work and on weekends I would come to my neighborhood junkshop cabaret and dance and perform at night.  While I was dancing something "happened" to me.  I suddenly felt happy, free and "alive".  In the King's junkshop Cabaret, I would perform and make everyone laugh.  For once in my life I felt I didn't care what people thought of me.  In fact, after dancing and performing I felt so free that I would come home and paint, pursuing my passion for art.  It's really true that "laughter" heals the soul...

After a while, I was spending so much time with the King that the neighborhood started calling me "The Prince".  Laugh all you want, but a year later the King and I found ourselves in Europe for my exhibition in Paris, France.  As a tribute to the King of Records, I called this exhibition "Le Petit Prince de la Peinture"  (The Little Prince of Painting").  It was the time of my life....  Why? Because I was pursuing my passion for art and living out my dream.

So you don't have to live your life by anyone else's standards.  Start embracing yourself, not partly but wholeheartedly.  Be careful, though, because once you start living your dream you will definitely invite sharp criticism from people who are bitter about their own lives.  Trust me on this one!  As an artist, I have been criticized to DEATH!!!!  I have been told I am a terrible artist.  I don't know how to paint and the list goes on and on....  In fact, the criticism used to paralyze me and wipe out my joy and sap my energy.  At times it was so bad that I could barely get out of bed.  Fortunately those days are over.  So what if I don't paint like Michelangelo.  At least when people look at my art they know it's ME.  More importantly,  when I create art I feel JOY and I won't let anyone take that away from me. Working 9 to 5 at a job I didn't enjoy made me ask "Is that all there is?"  I knew I had to find work that was meaningful.  So take it from me, the transition won't be easy, but for me it was worth it.  What the world needs is inspiration.  I can assure you we can live with a sense of wonder in our every day life.

So I have this advice for anyone who want to be happy and live with passion.  Start by protectecting yourself!!!  Build a shield of protection against the "critics" in your life who don't believe in your dreams and only want to bring you down.  That's why they are called "critics", not artists.  Just remember, the critics aren't interested in helping you find your happiness.  So the best advice I can give is to start today by doing something you enjoy.  At the very least you will be enjoying your life.  And  isn't that what life is about?  We all have dreams!  Mine was to have an exhibition in Paris.

My Paris Exhibition Poster

So here my advice.  Start by asking yourself this simple question.  "What's MY passion?"  Trust me.  We all have innate gifts and a unique purpose in life.  If you don't think so, they may have been buried years ago when some bully criticized you before you got off the ground.  It's time to grab a shovel and dig out those buried dreams.   Still don't know what your gifts are?  If you need help with this, send me an email at  You are unique!  I'll be happy to help you find your own joy, purpose, and inner happiness.  


New England Horses

These are the horses where I live in New England.  I have been working on this painting for quite some time now, day and night, touching it up.  An artist's work is never done.  This is the final version.  Unfortunately, it no longer belongs to me.  Just took this picture with my phone before it leaves my studio to a private collection.


"My Bowl of Fruit" 16 x18 Oil on Canvas

Just did this still life of "My Bowl of Fruit".  It's 1:30AM, and I just photographed this with my Phone. Time to go to bed.


"The Four Trees"

Just did this miniature oil on canvas of "The Four Trees"


"My Tiny Flower" 4x4 Oil on Canvas

Bought this small frame and did this Miniature 4x4 inch Oil on Canvas of "My Tiny Flower".