Quick Sketch

Quick Sketch of Adam

This is just a quick sketch from imagination that appeared as I started to scribble.  Eventually, I plan to do an oil painting of Adam in the garden of Eden.  This must be my imagination's image of Adam. So I guess this is why his image appeared as I started scribbling on paper.




I keep trying to scribble, but every time I do some image appears in my artist brain.  I don't care.  I am feeling so much joy just scribbling that I don't really care what comes out of me...  Life is so absolutely precious.  That's what really matters to me.  So, yes, I know these images are not accurately drawn.  That's not the point!  What matters is how I am "feeling" during the creative process.  For me, the joy I am feeling during the creative process is the juice of life.  It's amazing to me that even scribbling can be so absolutely blissful. 


The Dress Rehearsal

"The Dress Rehearsal"

This beautiful old frame is a gift.  Even though my frame is ornate, it is actually imperfect because it now has a few dents and broken chips in it, but that's why I love it so much!  That's also the beautiful framework for my life. Imperfection didn't stop me from being inspired to create art.  So I was just having fun scribbling in charcoal.  As you can see, my artist brain always turns my scribbles into new works of art.  Now my fun scribbles inspired by my frame are on exhibit "as is" here for the whole world to see, imperfections and all.  Embracing myself is actually important work.  This is also important work for everyone...  "Love yourself!"  That's my message. I do hope my message is as inspiring to you as it is to me.


"The Nude in Blue"

"The Nude in Blue"
Oil on Canvas
American in Paris collection

This work of art was inspired by a nude model.  It's too much to describe...  Honestly, having to explain the story of all my works sometimes still gets to me.  Not to complain, but after a while, it's just "too much" and gets to be exhausting.  So I often need to take a break.  Life is a dance.  I just love beautiful music, dancing, and being "inspired" by my favorite songs and creating art with my "feelings".  That's where the juice of life is!  What else can I say?  Live and let live, I say.  So right now I no longer feel compelled to explain my works, process, experience, life, etc...  But since this nude girl in blue is garnering so much attention, she is now on exhibit in with "American in Paris" collection.


Kiss The Sun!

"Kiss The Sun"
I've having so much fun going through my art studio for inspiration.  I found a series of expressive works I did while travelling during the summer in the south of France.  The beach is so beautiful here...  I love how this work actually captures my creative energy. Don't remember what I called this work of art, so I am renaming "Kiss The Sun"!